While we surely can’t judge a book by its cover, one with the best book cover sells the most. At Ghosts Writing, our designing experts know exactly how to visualize your ideas into beautiful book covers that are built to sell.

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Attractive Book Cover Design Services That Guarantee ROI

Don’t sell your book short because of a dull cover. Readers naturally reach for good looking books and our book cover designs get your book where it needs to be—in your readers’ hands. For your book cover, our award-winning designers create distinctive visuals and striking images that tell that captivate readers from the moment they see your book.

What’s Included in Our Book Cover Design Services

The purpose of a book cover is to grab the attention of potential readers and sell them on the idea that your book is a page-turner. A captivating book cover has the potential to make your book jump off the shelves into the shopping cart. And we can help you with that!

Front & Back Cover

The cover of your book acts as the preview of your book, just like a movie preview, that sparks curiosity amongst the audience and makes them decide if they want to watch the full movie. Similarly, book covers play a crucial role in determining if the reader is going to buy your book or not.

Book Cover Imagery

The imagery on the book cover determines the number of things. You can use a photograph, an illustration, a geometric shape, or just a few interesting colors. Whatever image you use must showcase the spirit of the book. We use the imagery as per the client’s demand in a design-friendly manner.

Book Cover Typography

In most books, the typography includes the book’s title, the subtitle, and the author’s name. The placement of the text, the font, and the size of the text matter a lot. All these factors need to be selected meticulously to ensure that the text is easy to read by the audience and depicts the book’s message.

Ghosts Writing Packages

Thinking of getting your ideas published while not having to lift a finger? Our team of expert ghostwriters can help! We
listen to your ideas, structure them, and provide excellent end-results that you’re looking for.


Payable Amount


  • Research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs.
  • Professional typesetting.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client


Payable Amount


  • Extensive research by our team of creative designers’ to provide maximum different designs and concepts.
  • Unique and pioneering cover design.
  • Professional and organized typesetting skillfully achieved results.
  • Collaborative work of our team and client.

Our Published Books

Following are some of the books that have been published and ghostwritten by us. You can have a look at them and get to know more about our quality.

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Professional Writers

We at Ghosts Writing believe in delivering content that best fits your business' needs that too within your assigned budget. Our professional writers will create the best content as per your requirements so that every penny you pay is worth it.

Multiple Revisions

Book writing is a complicated process that we have made simple. Sooner or later, you might have a change of heart about a chapter, character development, or you might want to flip the script. We offer multiple revisions to ensure that the final draft lives up to your expectations.

Original Content

Ghosts Writing manages an elite network of authors who have proved their expertise in a comprehensive variety of enterprises and adhere to our strict quality criteria. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive 100% unique content.

Quality Research

The development of a full-fledged e-book from just a theme or idea requires creativity as well as research skills. Ghosts Writing has skilled researchers on board who find and bring the best details that assist in crafting a powerful e-book.

Timely Deliveries

The time constraint is the only hindrance stopping one from realizing their aims. The expert writers at Ghosts Writing help with delivering content on an urgent basis and make sure that the content is not compromised in the process.

Affordable Pricing

Ghosts Writing aim to bring your ideas into life in beautiful words. Our multiple ghostwriting service packages are market-competitive. Hire us for a small project. We are sure you will be back with your next project.

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